In-Person Counselling vs. Zoom Counselling: Which One Is Right for Me?
If you have recently suffered a bereavement, or find yourself struggling with another mental health issue of any kind, you might feel like reaching out for counselling in Beaconsfield or online. Having a dedicated place to explore difficult emotions in your own way, in an atmosphere devoid of judgement, helps you process your feelings and […]
How Do I Know If I Need Bereavement Counselling?
When someone close to you dies, you are bound to feel a number of difficult emotions. Many feel depressed; others get angry; some people go extremely numb, or simply tune out. Grief comes to people in different ways, and it takes time to make sense of these challenging feelings. Seeing a bereavement counsellor in Beaconsfield, […]
Managing Grief After the Death of a Child
As a counsellor in Beaconsfield and online, I have experience in working with parents who have lost their child. I understand that life can never be quite the same after such a loss. You may feel like you have lost a part of yourself, and this is a normal, understandable thing to believe after losing […]
The Importance of Fertility Counselling
Along with providing bereavement and loss therapy in Beaconsfield for people who have lost loved ones such as friends or parents, I also work with people going through miscarriage or fertility issues. This is a particularly sensitive area, and one that many people struggle to talk about. There continues to be quite a stigma around […]
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To get in touch to discuss your requirements, either call and leave me a message or text me on 07800 968681. Alternatively, you can email me using the enquiry form.

Appointments are currently online via Zoom or in person in Beaconsfield. I also offer a small number of Walk and Talk sessions for clients in the local area.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and in payable in advance by BACS. The cost of a session is £60.00. Couples counselling is £80 per session.

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