Grief Unseen: Shining a Light on the Silent Suffering of Disenfranchised Grief
Grief is a universal human experience that accompanies the pain of loss. However, not all grief is equally acknowledged or validated by society. Disenfranchised grief, a concept first introduced by psychologist Kenneth J. Doka, refers to the grief that is not openly recognized or socially supported. In this article, we explore the depths of disenfranchised […]
The Grief of Menopause: Recognising and Coping with the Loss of Your Old Life
As we age, our bodies undergo many changes, and one of the most significant is the menopause. The menopause can be a difficult time for many women, not only due to the physical symptoms but also the emotional changes that come with it. Many women find themselves feeling lost and struggling to adjust to their […]
The grief you feel with a life changing illness
Receiving a life-changing diagnosis can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. It’s a time when you’re forced to confront your mortality and face the possibility that your life may never be the same again. Coping with the feelings of loss you feel with a life-changing illness or condition can […]
Coping with the loss of a relationship
When a relationship breaks down, it can be very difficult to cope with. For many people the stress of divorce, separation or a breakup can have a massive impact on their lives. They often experience feelings of grief as well as wondering how long it will be before they find love again and if they […]
Dealing with losing your job through redundancy
Losing your job can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Having to deal with an unexpected redundancy is understandably not an enjoyable situation, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as many people think. You may find that you experience different stages of grief, but that is perfectly natural. Give yourself […]
Five types of loss that aren’t from a bereavement
There are many kinds of loss that you can experience in your life that aren’t from a bereavement. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t grieve. In much the same way as the grief you experience after the death of a loved one, suffering a loss in your life can still have a devastating impact, […]

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