The Importance of Fertility Counselling for Men

As I’ve noted in a previous blog post, there remains a considerable stigma around fertility for women, which restricts the number of women who come to me for fertility counselling in Beaconsfield and online. Speaking about issues like infertility, miscarriage, or menopause is still incredibly difficult; we tend to keep these difficult feelings to ourselves, thereby making the problem worse. 


And in the case of men, there is even less willingness to speak out about fertility issues, even though the rates of infertility with men are about the same as that of women. Low sperm count, poor sperm motility, damaged testes, or blocked tubes make up just some of the reasons why men are unable to conceive. There are also a number of lifestyle factors that can get in the way as well. 


Although some progress has been made, we still live in quite an overtly masculine culture - one that demands men to behave in a certain way and expects them to provide. A man will be made to feel like less of a man if they can’t conceive for whatever reason. When fertility problems occur, men may well experience problems like depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, and won’t feel comfortable talking through these issues with anyone. They will suffer in silence, unable to communicate their emotions, which only makes their sense of isolation and low feeling worse. 


It has also been shown that struggles with mental health can further reduce the chances of conceiving a child, so it becomes a vicious cycle - one that can feel impossible to escape. A man feels like they have to cope with these problems on their own, which only adds to their stress, and at the same time have to stay strong for the rest of their family, perhaps in the form of supporting a partner going through fertility treatments like hormone injections or IVF. 


Fertility treatment can be a stressful process, and when placed on top of the emotional difficulties men already have to deal with in isolation, it can all feel like far too much. This is such an important area of life, yet men hardly ever think to seek help about the stresses that often accompany trying to conceive. 


If you are a man in this position, I am here to provide the confidential support that you need. My fertility counselling in Beaconsfield and online gives you the chance to speak about your feelings in any way you see fit, with me listening to you every step of the way. Give me a call or email at any time to set up an appointment.

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